Born in 1982 in Munich into a post-war-left-middle class family, started my transition into a digital being with our Amiga 500 when
I was 8 years old. Met holocaust survivors in high school, went to post DDR Marxist-Leninist conferences (as a tourist), seen psychiatries
from the inside, both as a visitor and breaking in late at night for kicks. Got arrested for dressing up as a solider with diapers
during a NATO security summit. Was considered the 2nd best Warcraft 2 player in Germany for a while. Just a normal childhood really.

Wild Times

English speaking Universities cost shitloads of money (this was Pre-DSA revolution), and I only spoke German well enough, so the only
place abroad that made sense was ETH Zurich. Studied Interdisciplinary science for a while, then an exchange semester in Berlin to
deep dive into evolutionary game theory. Then left on a 14 months overland trip across Asia, with plenty of poverty, environmental
destruction and meditation. Back at ETH, doing environmental science with a focus on social science. I didn’t own shoes for a year
or two, and met my future wife shortly after returning to Switzerland. Visual impressions are only available after
I met her, some of them here

First Blood

Moved to a 8-14 people share house with a separate UV lit room just for electronic-parties. Took a Carbon Market job just after the Copenhagen-Collapse of climate talks, and as the prices kept crashing started a PhD at ETH on deforestation payments in Tocantins, Brazil. Also spend a lot of time in Maungu, Kenya.

The long march through the Institutions

Took a job at UNEP DTU in Copenhagen. Living in a tiny house by the sea, I also started writing Liquid Reign at this time. Allowed me to meet hundreds of governmental workers an UN workers all over the place and attend a few more COPs. Developed a skill for writing climate finance proposals… Read Ayn Rand for the first time on a flight to the board meeting of the Green Climate Fund. What a shitshow.


Climate Finance follow-up contracts and my wife’s rockstar career allowed me to retire from alienated work at age 35 in mid-2017. Yeahaaawww! Freedom! Nowadays, I only do what I want. German-White-Male-Middle-Class privilege is almost as good as a Universal Basic Income. Booksales & Donations allow me to pay less privileged research partners. I’m also trying to build a consortium and raise a shit ton of money to build a proper laboratory for experimenting with new forms of social organization.